8 Yard Skip

Our 8 cubic yard skip is the popular choice when it comes to disposing of waste generated from domestic and commercial projects.




Length 11ft 6in x Width 5ft 9in x Height 3.4ft

These skips are known as “Builders Skips” and they can hold around 70-80 black bags of waste. They are one of the more popular choices for domestic and commercial projects due to being the middle size of our extensive range of skips. This skip is also the largest size available for heavy waste disposal such as soil and concrete making it ideal for those larger construction projects.


How much can I put in the skip?

As much as you can until it is filled, no higher than the height of the sides. We need it to be safe for us to transport it to our facilities. Overfilled Skips can incur an extra cost.

How long can I have the skip for

You can keep the skip for up to 3 weeks. If you require the skip for longer than 3 weeks please advise us at time of hire. Our hire price is the same, regardless of length of hire.

What main factors should I consider prior to my Skip Hire?

Make sure the space for the skip is accessible and empty for our team to drop off and collect. Prior to the skip delivery make sure your road is clear of parked cars that may obstruct our lorries. If you have a shared driveway, we do recommend speaking to your neighbour first. We would rather avoid any potential tensions for yourself or our team.


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