For us to make your hiring process as easy as possible, we wanted to put together a simple step by step guide of how to order your skip. You will find our Fowles Skip Hire website has clear instructions and links to order your skip without all the hassle. However, we understand that for first-timers, all the terminology can be overwhelming, making it hard to follow the instructions so that’s why we’ve set it all out in one single place for you. After reading this you’ll be all set and ready to go!

Ordering a Skip

1. Enter Your Postcode

The first steps easy. Simply enter your postcode into our postcode searcher, located on our homepage. This will then come up with the cheapest skip prices we can offer in your area for all the different sized skips.  

2. Choosing a Size

After being presented with a vast array of skips sizes, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Our skip size page helps you get to know what skip is best for what project. We even provide information on how many bin bags would fit into each skip so you can estimate how much you would be producing. This should help vastly with your choice and with receiving the perfect skip.  

3. Delivery and Collection Dates

The next step is choosing when you’d like it to arrive and be collected. This can be a tricky decision for some people as it is hard to know when the project will start and end. We’d like to remind you that at any point to you finish earlier you can Request a Collection and we will pick it up as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you need to extend your hire and you’d like a later collection, make sure to contact us 48 hours or more before your previously chosen collection date and we will work out a hire extension together.  

4. When it Arrives

For when your skip arrives, we wanted to remind you that the location you have picked for the skip needs to be sufficient. Our skips require a 3m minimum width clear in order for the skip to be placed safely. The spot also needs to sit flat to avoid the skip toppling over. If your driveway or front garden does not meet the standard then the skip can sit on the road if there is an apt location. If this is the case, then you’d need to check with your local council or authority about acquiring a permit that changes in price due to where you live. 

5. When it is Collected

Finally, so we can keep yourself, other drivers, and the skip workers all safe, we ask that you do not overfill the skip past the brim. This allows it not to exceed the weight limits and prevents items from falling off during transport. There also needs to be no restricted items present within the skip. If you aren’t sure which items cannot be placed into the skip, then you can head to our restrictions page to find out.

We hope this helps so you can start disposing of all your waste right away with no hassle!