Moving house is an exciting prospect but there is so much to think about at the same time. When it comes to removing waste during the moving process, you might find yourself asking “what size skip do I need if I am moving house?”. After all, it is the perfect time to clear out the garage and loft as well as dispose of old furniture that you don’t want to take with you.

So, what size skip will you need?

Skip Sizes That Are Ideal For Moving House

The 6, 8, 10 and 12-yard skips are the most common type of skip used when moving house. The 6 and 8-yard skips are relatively big which means that they can take an old sofa and broken-down furniture such as a wardrobe. You will also be able to fit in other bits of waste as well, giving you the ability to deal with more waste in one go.

If you do have a lot of larger items to dispose of then you might want to get a bigger skip by opting for the 10 or 12-yard skip. These will give you more flexibility should you have larger items to get rid of such as old tables, large sofas, bikes and other items of a similar size.

In contrast, you might only have small items to dispose of and that means that you might want to get a smaller skip but there are some things to remember when hiring a skip when moving home.

There is only so much that you can put in a skip and some items are permitted to go into a skip. Therefore, if you want to get rid of gas bottles, fridge freezers and paint, they will have to be disposed of in another way. Some electrical equipment can be placed in a skip as well as mattresses, both of which are down to the discretion of the company you use. 

Reasons for Skip Hire When Moving House

The truth is, getting rid of waste when moving gives you the chance to move into your new home with less clutter, therefore, you can get rid of more waste at once with a skip. Furthermore, you will also realise just how much waste you have as it can be surprising once you begin empty cupboards and lofts.

Additionally, it is a great way of ensuring everything is recycled because skip hire companies have a duty to ensure that everything is recycled where possible. When you take too much stuff with you when you move, it is going to cost you money. You might need to hire a larger moving van or your moving company will need to charge more for additional resources. So, hiring a skip when it comes to moving is a great way of decluttering, doing your bit for the environment and also keeping costs down. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to consider hiring a skip when you move.