If you are thinking about hiring a skip this winter then there are some things that you might want to consider. After all, hiring a skip during the colder months is a lot different to hiring one during the summer and so, you want to avoid any problems or nasty surprises by following our tips below.

Consider Ground Conditions

If the ground on or around your property is made of grass and soil, then it is likely that they are going to be sodden, especially if we have had heavy rainfall. If this is the case then you might need to let us know when you book. While it usually won’t cause a problem, there is the risk that the skip lorry could become stuck and it might mean that the skip won’t be able to be picked up as well. With the right planning, it is possible to find a solution and ensure that you have your skip delivered safely.

Don’t Let the Skip Fill With Water

If you have plans to leave your skip empty for a period of time then you might want to consider covering it with a tarpaulin. Rain can fall extremely quickly and as the skip is open, it can fill up extremely quickly too. Whilst the skip has drain holes at the bottom, if you have a plasterboard only skip or your skip is filled with soil/rubble, this can add to the weight of the skip significantly and it may become too heavy to lift, or worse, if you’re paying a rate per tonne, it’s going to cost more!

Think About the Waste You’re Disposing Of

When you hire a skip, you will need to think about the size of the skip you need and the materials you are getting rid of. If you are disposing of soil, grass or other materials that absorb water then you will need to let us know. If you have a 6 yard skip for soil and grass and fill it then this will weigh a certain weight – around six tonnes. This wouldn’t be an issue when it comes to collecting it. However, once that waste has been exposed to the elements, such as rain or snow, then it could weigh even more and that means that we might need to send a different vehicle.

If It Snows You Might Not Get Your Skip

Depending on the urgency of your waste disposal, you might need to consider the weather when you choose to hire a skip. If it snows, then it will mean that we might not be able to deliver or collect your skip and this could cause problems if you need it there to dispose of waste. Therefore, you might want to consider hiring your skip earlier than when you require it, so that you have it in place, even if it snows.

Hiring a skip is a simple enough task but there are some things that you need to consider. With the winter comes a range of other considerations to make and that’s purely down to the change in weather. However, we want to make sure that you can use your skip, so it’s important to consider these things to avoid any nasty surprises or problems.