Organic waste is often placed into skips and can include the likes of tree cuttings, grass and other types of green waste but when you do place it into a skip, you can have confidence knowing that most of it will be recycled. However, when you do use a skip, how is your green waste used and what does it become?

Organic Waste – What Happens to it?

Not many people know what happens to organic waste when it is recycled but there is no secret to it. The majority of material that can be recycled, especially garden waste, will be turned into a number of products. As green waste is biodegradable and contains a high level of nitrogen, it means that it can be used in a number of ways.

Once you have finished using your skip, it will be collected and then the waste will be taken to a place where it will be left to decompose. This is where the waste is left in giant piles or heaps where the heat and pressure that is naturally generated helps to break down the waste at a faster rate than it would if left alone.

After it has decomposed, a specialist will then screen it to ensure that it is actually considered green waste and no contamination has taken place. If there has been contamination, it would mean that the green waste could become unusable while tests will be carried out to determine whether bacteria such as Salmonella is present. Once testing has taken place, then it can then be used to make compost.

Recycled Green Waste – The Uses

This green waste is also called feedstock and this can be used to improve the condition of soil while it can create a fertile environment where plants and crops can thrive. Along with this, when it is added to a natural environment, it will help to enhance nutrients and that can also help plants and flowers to grow. 

This compost is used in private gardens but it can also be used on public gardens and in garden centres while farms might also use it.

Green Waste Disposal

If you have ever handled garden waste then it can take up a lot of space and it can prove to be quite messy. .As a result, if you are looking to get rid of this kind of waste in the easiest possible way, then the most effective option is to hire a skip. If you choose not to use a skip then you will have to dispose of the waste yourself which can mean several journeys to the tip which will waste time, fuel and could leave your vehicle in a mess.

So, if you are looking to take advantage of the better weather and improve your garden by clearing organic waste, then a skip will make life easier for you. It will enable you to remove waste quickly and easily while it will be taken away for you!