Rubbish accumulates everywhere. You can find it in your home, at your work and even at public places. If it isn’t disposed of properly it doesn’t just take up unnecessary space, it also brings those unwanted germs and bacteria. Rubbish removal is essential to our day to day lives. It needs to be done regularly and correctly. However, throwing out anything considered ‘rubbish’ doesn’t help towards the sustainable future goal we have today. Re-using, recycling and using available services, such as reliable skip-hire specialists, pushes us in the right direction.

Skip hire is a great way to deal with rubbish. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. You can book online and choose the available skip size depending on budgets or waste requirements. What a simple solution!

What happens to skip hire waste when it’s taken away?

All skip businesses undergo a proper sorting process. Waste will be sorted by hand or through a system of machines and picking lines. This is why you need to be thoughtful when filling up your skip. Make sure you hire the right one for your requirements.

Once sorted each material undergoes a different treatment. At Fowles Skip Hire, we have our own recycling facility. We currently recycle 90% of all waste bought in.

What is the processing of recycling?

  • Wood and Garden Waste

Chipped, mulched and set out as material for landscaping. Wood can even be converted into biomass as a renewable energy source.

  • Carboard, Paper and Metal
    Processed and baled. This allows it to be put it back into production streams for manufacturing companies where it will be reused.
  • Concrete and Rubble
    Crushed and reduced making it suitable for constructions companies to use as aggregates.

What happens to what’s left? Anything that hasn’t been repurposed or recycled can be used as a Refuse Derived Fuel. This is what is used to generate energy at a dedicated RDF Plant. 

A lot of work goes into waste disposal, that’s why you need to be sure you’re using dedicated, skip hire specialists. 

To find out more about Fowles Skip Hire and how we can help you with your waste, check out our Hire Guide section!