At Fowles Skip Hire, we make hiring a skip as easy as possible. All you need to do is contact us, let us know what you want and we will deliver it. Prior to delivering your skip, you will need to consider where it will be placed.

Driveways are the first place that people consider but not everyone has a suitable driveway while others might want to protect it or might not want to park their vehicle elsewhere. As a result, you might want to consider other alternatives and so, in this piece, we are going to look at where you can place your skip.

The Road or Pavement

It is possible to place your skip on the road or pavement but in order to do this, you will need to have a permit from your local council. This makes sure that the skip does not pose a risk to vehicles and pedestrians but opting to avoid getting a permit could see you hit with a significant fine.

Delivering a skip that is going to be placed on a road or pavement is a simple task and is often easier for drivers. However, placing it here requires the right access and enough space to be able to drop the skip where you want it to go. There is one risk that comes with taking this option – you might wake up one morning and find your skip filled with waste that belongs to others.

If you’re looking to hire a skip in Ascot, for example, and you’re on Ascot High Street, you’re unlikely to have a private area to drop the skip. In this case, you’ll need a skip permit.

Obtaining a Permit

It is simple to get a permit and this has to be done by contacting your local council. You will need to inform them of where it will be placed and for how long before they issue your permit.

What About Putting it on Grass?

Putting your skip on grass is fine as long as it belongs to you. This might be a front garden, a side garden where possible or even grass that might be located outside of your property providing it belongs to you. 

As always, you will need to make sure that the area is free of grass and that the surface is relatively flat and stable.  One thing you will need to consider is that this could cause damage to your grass which means it might not be feasible if you like a lawn that looks its best.

Placing it Outside a Neighbour’s House

You cannot put your skip outside someone else’s house unless you have permission from them to place it on their property. If the road is a public road and there is space available and you have obtained a permit then you can place it here although we do recommend that you inform your neighbour of this. This is something that you should do out of courtesy but you might also find that they have waste they wish to get rid of which means you could share the cost of your skip and save money at the same time!

The location of your skip is key and you will need to factor this in when hiring your skip. However, take the right steps and you’ll find the ideal location that is hassle-free.