As the weather is now improving, more of us are going to be spending time outside and that might mean that you are now thinking about hiring a skip. Of course, when the weather is dry and the days are longer, it gives you more chances to do the jobs you need to do such as clear out your garden or garage.

However, you might not have thought about the potential of a fire when using a skip but it is something that you should consider. While a fire is rare, a lack of care or a deliberate act of arson can cause a lot of problems for you and your home. So, if you want to prevent a fire, then you can take these precautions to stop a fire from breaking out in the first place.

Don’t Use a Skip to Start a Fire

It might seem tempting to start a fire in your skip as it is metal and safe while it will help you to reduce your waste but this is something you should never do. You might do this to increase the amount of waste you can add but when you hire a skip, to get as much in as possible, you should break down items and not start a fire. 

Skips are not designed to have fires started in them and the fire can quickly rage out of control while it could cause damage to the skip which means that you could find yourself facing a fine for the damage.

Furthermore, depending on where you have your skip positioned, the extreme heat at the bottom of the skip can cause surfaces such as tarmac to melt. If you have your skip located on a public highway, you might find that you are billed for the damage and the relaying of a new surface.

Position Your Skip Away From Your Home

While it might not be possible to keep your skip a fair distance away from your property, it can help to keep it as far away as possible. This will ensure that if a fire did break out, the risk to your home is minimised.


If you or anyone else smokes and you decide to have a cigarette, then think about what you do with it when you finish it. It might seem all too easy to throw it into your skip without a second thought. However, if the cigarette is still lit then this could cause the materials in your skip to ignite and that could lead to a significant fire.

Flammable Items

There are certain items that you should not place in a skip and this will include gas canisters, paint tins and aerosols. Whatever it might be, if you avoid placing restricted items that are flammable, you will reduce the risk of a fire.

So, when it comes to hiring a skip, take the necessary steps and you will significantly reduce the risk of a fire and use it as intended.