From home improvement projects to construction work, hiring a skip will be one of the best things you do when it comes to waste. It enables you to get rid of large volumes of waste quickly and easily but when you contact a skip hire company, you’re likely to be asked what kind of waste you are getting rid of. This is an important part of the process as you can’t just get rid of any waste with a skip as you have to be able to determine what the disposal process is and how it is managed. Therefore, it is vital to classify the different types of waste.

However, how do you know what waste you’re going to be getting rid of? You might have a mixture of waste or just one type of waste but either way, it can help to know what waste you have. Fortunately, classifying your waste and the different types is easier than you might think but you won’t have to go through every single item of waste to determine what it is. 

You are asked about the type of waste as a way of getting an idea of what waste you will be disposing of. This helps skip hire companies to make informed decisions when it comes to processing it the right way. With this in mind, what are the different types of waste?

The Different Types of Waste

While there are no obvious categories due to waste potentially crossing over between the types, it can help to know what the main types of waste are.

Household Waste

This is the kind of waste that a household will generate and it can include your everyday waste such as plastic, glass, textiles, paper and old clothes. All of this is considered to be domestic waste, which is also known as household waste.

Construction Waste

As you can imagine, this kind of waste is different from household waste. It will include items such as bricks and blocks, rubble and windows and even wood and plastic piping. Everything that goes into constructing a building is considered to be construction waste and the majority of it can be handled by your skip hire company.

Commercial Waste

If you run a business, then the waste that you create is known as commercial waste. This will be very similar to domestic waste in some ways as some of the items will be the same such as paper, glass and plastic. However, it might also include other items such as damaged products, printer cartridges and printing paper. 

So, it can help to understand what kind of waste you are generating for your purposes and for the purposes of your skip hire company. The last thing you want to do is put the wrong waste in your skip, only to find yourself hit with a fine or the problem of having to remove it all again. As a result, it pays to get it right the first time!