Managing waste can prove a challenge but when you take delivery of your skip, you need to make sure that you maximise its potential and get it right. It doesn’t matter whether you have a mini skip or the largest size available, if you are paying for it, you’ll want to get as much from it as possible.

When you have a skip, it is not just a case of throwing everything in and hoping for the best. There is actually a way to fill your skip and get value-for-money at the same time as it will enable you to get rid of more waste without the need to hire another skip.

Select the Right Size

This might seem obvious but it is really crucial because the wrong skip can really cause you problems when it comes to filling it up. You should speak with the experts if you need assistance choosing the right skip for your waste. Talk to them about what you will be removing and how much waste there will be. They will then talk you through your options and the correct size skip available. Working out the amount of space you need is crucial to ensuring you manage your waste in the best possible way.

Understand the Restrictions

There are a number of restrictions in place when it comes to skip hire and they are there for a reason. If you are getting rid of heavy items, then you might want to ask about the weight restrictions. There are different restrictions in place based on the size skip you have and so, when it comes to filling them up. If you go beyond the advised weight, you might find that your skip hire company won’t take it.

Furthermore, there are also restrictions in place for the items that you place in your skip. Hazardous materials are either restricted or there is an additional charge for removing them. Therefore, make sure that you find out what you can and cannot place in your skip.

Don’t Over Fill Your Skip

It can be tempting to keep on adding waste to your skip but there is a limit as to how much you can place in it and this is before you even consider the weight restrictions. You should only fill the skip to the height of it from the ground. This means that you should not pile waste above this. It might seem safe to you but the skip hire company has to transport this and that can come with risks. 

Don’t Just Throw It All In

Don’t just throw all of your waste in, try and place it into the skip in a managed way. Flat items such as cardboard or wooden planks can be laid along the sides while other softer waste that can be squashed should be placed at the bottom. This will ensure you can get as much in as possible while following all regulations.