So you’ve finished your project and put all your waste into one of our convenient skips, but where does that waste go? It’s a step in waste disposal that we believe not a lot of people worry about. Yet, in an age where recycling and the environment are vital, we understand that this is becoming an important, and increasing concern. You’ll be happy to know that Fowles Skip Hire take care of all your waste as long as it isn’t hazardous. We use environmentally-friendly methods to always ensure that your waste is being disposed of responsibly and being put to good use. We’ve put together a quick step by step that describes the journey of your waste. Starting from the moment it is collected, all the way to the point where it is reused or sent to landfill.

Let’s all aim to be more environmentally-friendly and use skips to dispose of large, unmanageable quantities of waste!

Rubbish Sorting

1. Sorting

First things first, all the waste from our skips goes straight to a sorting center. Here, all the different waste types get sorted into different piles and areas according to what can be recycled from it. This sorting process is where all the restricted items that have snuck their way through are taken out and disposed of responsibly.
After being sorted into different types of waste, it is then processed. This means that items are checked and chosen according to what can be recycled from them. Most waste gets shredded down due to its size but still gets reused or recycled.
We also offer a commercial recycling service that covers many locations in the UK, if you’d rather dispose of your waste this way.

Reusing Waste

2. Reusing

At Fowles Skip Hire, we aim to reuse as much of your waste as possible. We care about the environment and believe it is wrong for all waste to be dumped or sent to landfill when it is still useful to our communities. Most of the waste found in skips can actually be reused for eco-fuels. The best part of this is that not only do we reduce the amount of waste that is sent off to the landfill, but we also reduce harsh emissions that are sent up into the atmosphere. Win-win for our environment all around! This can give you peace of mind that not only are we dealing with your rubbish in a timely and reliable manner but even after you’re all finished, we make sure to carry on disposing of it as eco-friendly as possible.

Rubbish at the Landfill

3. Landfill

Unfortunately, even after trying to separate the waste and reuse as much of it as possible, some waste does need to end up at the landfill. This cannot be avoided, however much our customers and we as a company try to place recyclable waste only into the skips. However, this is not to be worried about. We reuse and recycle as much waste as possible so that the landfill waste pile remains low and small. There have been many problems with the landfill overflowing so in doing this we are solving a massive problem. If we all try to keep the amount of waste heading to the landfill and little as possible, it will make a huge, positive effect on our environment, which is what we aim for.