We have all come across waste collection services and yes, they do offer a useful service for some people. However, if you are someone who is looking to get rid of waste in a responsible way then you might want to choose a skip instead. Skip hire comes with a wealth of benefits and it offers something completely different to waste collection.

If you have a need to get rid of waste then it helps to know that skips are available in different sizes which means you can only pay for what you need to use. So, if you are wondering what is the difference between skip hire and waste collection, we are going to tell you why skip hire is the right choice.


Just like skip hire companies, waste collection companies will have a reputation but you never quite know what you are getting with waste collection companies. You might agree to use a waste collection service, place all of your waste on your driveway, only to find that the company doesn’t turn up to collect your waste or they are illegally operating and will be fly tipping your rubbish. This leaves you with a pile of waste sitting on your driveway that you cannot get rid of until you find a company that you can trust. You don’t get this with skip hire as you cannot put waste in your skip until it arrives which avoids these kinds of problems. 

John, our Transport Manager for Fowles Skip Hire Maidenhead, stated, “Fly tipping is on the increase, with record highs since COVID and we’ve noticed an increase in skip hire in Maidenhead, but also an increase in fly tipping. With the costs of waste disposal becoming increasingly expensive, it’s important to ensure that your chosen provider has the relevant Waste Carriers Licence.”

More Time

When you choose to hire a skip, it will be delivered and will remain in situ for the agreed period of time. This gives you the freedom to fill it as and when you need to, which is completely different to waste collection services. Once you call a waste collection service, you will have to have your waste ready and in place for them to collect which can mean that you forget to add certain waste to the collection.

Looks Neater

A waste collection service will collect your waste from the pile that you make on your driveway or garden. Therefore, you will have an unsightly mound of waste that is an eyesore. You don’t have this problem with skip hire because all of your waste will remain neat and tidy within the skip until it comes to collection day.

No Mess

A skip enables you to put your waste neatly inside the skip keeping everything tidy. When you have to pile up your waste for a waste collection service, the wind can blow it around and even after it has been collected, you are still likely to have small amounts of debris left that will still have to be cleaned up.


Whether it’s an old wooden shed or scrap metal, when you make a pile in readiness for your waste collection service, there is always a risk of someone coming to harm. Whether it’s children or the general public, things such as sharp pieces, nails and screws and even broken glass can cause an array of problems. With a skip, all of the waste remains stored inside the solid metal container which keeps people safe.